Weekend Update

- Greenwood weather: cool and cloudy, 50% chance of rain. Perfect afternoon to hole up in my office and work on my sermon for Sunday. Ahem, start my sermon for Sunday.

- I'm holed up in my office with a cup of hot chocolate. I was going to make coffee, but we ran out yesterday. We ran out of coffee and flavored creamer on the very same day. What are the chances?

- In order to start working on a sermon it is important to have a clean desk, so I just spent a few minutes cleaning off my desk. I opened a desk drawer to put something away and found my lunch plate from several weeks ago. I remember at the time the drawer was wide open and I needed a place to set my plate, and one thing led to another... Anyway, it would appear that perhaps I have more zeal for bringing plates and cups up to my office laden with snacks, than I do for bringing them back to the kitchen.

- This was a big week school wise, and it feels good to be done with it. I had two presentations yesterday, a big one and a small one. The small one was actually more stressful. I had to give a response to a classmate's paper, and his paper just happened to be the worst piece of academic writing I have encountered since high school. I tried to be honest yet gracious. The big presentation was easier, I got to spend 45 minutes presenting a research paper on Zechariah 4. Then the class took and hour and a half responding to it, it went really well and I was happy.

- I substitute taught my own hebrew class this morning. All three of us students were gathered for class when one of the other profs walked in and announced that our prof had called him to say that he wouldn't be able to make it for class and had asked that I lead the class today. It was kinda short notice, but it went fine.


Anonymous said…
How did the sermon go? Sounds like you were avoiding getting started. They do say often the worst part is getting started.

Congratulaions on being asked to sub for your professor. I'm sure that was a roundabout compliment.

Connie Ekberg
What happened to the squirrel?
Ken Shomo said…
Teaching Hebrew - that's excellent!

Sounds like to keep up with you I should, at minimum, review my flashcards.

Actually, I'm about to teach on Micah and occasionally on Abraham. So hopefully I'll rekindle some Hebrew over the next couple months that way.

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