Operation Garden

Tell Garden 2008 in review...

Day 1: Ok, I don't have a picture from day 1. Just imagine some dirt.

Day 7: The first seedling makes his appearance...

A Day Just A Little Later:

And A Bit Later Than That:

And Last Week (approx day 75):

The places with just bare dirt are places where we have planted some more seeds. And in fact the plants look a good bit different now, after just one week outside. Most of them look different in a good way. I am a bit worried about my Cantaloupe vines, which were thriving in the windowsill, but don't look like they are adjusting to the outside world very well. The tomato plants seem to be recovering well from a small bout of transplant shock. And when I looked outside this morning there was a big orange flower on the squash vine! C'mon fresh veggies!!


Anonymous said…
Maybe try vegi therapy. Help them get adjusted. Worked for me, but I am now having a hard time re-adjusting.
Anonymous said…
Jeff - pretty nice carpentry work!! I am impressed.


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