I realize I didn't post very much about my class. I really had a good time, hanging out with Jill and going to class. It did feel a little weird being back in class every morning. Sometimes I forget how it can be hard to sit and listen for an entire morning. But most of the lecturers were really great, and it was very helpful for me to learn a lot more technical things about doing ultrasounds, as opposed to the very, um, un-technical approach I had been using.

The class did make me very jealous about all the nice machines out there. Our older machine at the clinic was purchased a number of years ago, and used, so as you can imagine, it is not the most recent technology. But maybe now that I know better what to do and what I can see, I'll be able to get some better pictures. Or I'll just try to borrow the new machine we got for our Sports medicine clinic. I am very excited about clinic this week and next since I should have several OB visits so I can practice my skills.

I was very amazed by the level of anatomy you can see with some of these high-end machines. (When I say high-end, in the ultrasound world that means about $250,000) Even down to anatomy of the heart and being able to find certain minute defects. I didn't realize you can even diagnose things like cleft lip.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do that with our machine.

But I'll sure enjoy trying.


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