This is us, having fun at Lowe's. I realize this is not a tractor, but Judah calls it a "drac-der." About 30 seconds after this photo was taken, Judah had a little accident and wet his pants, part of the lawn mower, and the concrete. Thankfully we were outside. He pooped on the potty twice later that day, though, we're still calling it a successful day. I'm learning that even though I frequently ask Judah if he needs go, he almost always says no. He will most of the time tell me when he has to go, but if he's excited about something or playing or distracted he may not realize until it's too late. So if he hasn't peed in a while, I've learned that I have to make him sit on the potty even if he says he doesn't want to. I'm still pleasantly surprised at how the whole potty training thing has gone. I know it's not over and we still still be using diapers at night and during naps for while, but I'm glad I took a chance to see if it was possible. Hopefully I'll feel the same way in a few more weeks.

And I need to get a video of Judah saying the word "leaves." It's my new favorite word he says. He's been saying it a LOT lately because, well,  have you seen what my front yard looks like?? He walks around all day saying "weebs. weebs. weebs." I love it. It is so adorable I can't stand it.


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