In which I was stalked by a famous person.

The most bizarre or maybe interesting aspect of our overnight in Greenville had to do with John Locke.

I was never really a fan of Lost, although I did borrow a friend's copy of season one and watch my way through most of it. That was about as far as I got. Jeff didn't like how intense it was, and I mostly just found it confusing. John Locke (known in real life as Terry O'Quinn) was a major character on that TV show. When I was first checking into the hotel on friday night, I had to walk by a gentleman as he was getting out of his car. It took me a minute to recognize him, but then I realized who it was. Living in Greenwood, we don't really see celebrities very often ever, so it was a little bit exciting. Apparently there was a celebrity charity tournament in Greenville last weekend and he was there to play in it.

We got checked in, then walked across the street to dinner. As we were lead to our table, we walked by a table and I again saw the same guy. I pointed him out to Jeff, who would never have realized he was famous unless I had mentioned something. I double-checked with our waitress to make sure it was, in fact, him before writing about it on facebook. (Since if it's not on facebook it didn't happen.)

We finished our dinner and enjoyed an evening walk around downtown. The next morning, after I finished my run, we also strolled through the farmer's market. Since Jeff didn't have any cash, we headed to the nearest ATM. While waiting in line, who should get in line behind but our good friend, John Locke. I couldn't believe we were seeing him again.

And thus ends my run-in with a famous person.


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