Mother of the year.

For the second time in his rather short life, I let Judah get locked in the car again today. 

Last time, it was a rather odd fluke that occurred, but this time I was just foolish. I let my kid play in the car with the keys. I'm cringing even as I'm writing it. I had the back door open so he wouldn't get locked in, but then I shut it while not really thinking or checking to see if the doors were all locked. They were.

Jeff went inside to find our other set while I tried to coach Judah into pushing up on the automatic lock button. Let me tell you, he can flat out push that button down. He doesn't quite get the concept of pushing it in the opposite direction. Although he tried really hard to do it.

Jeff and I traded places after a few minutes but I wasn't able to find them either. I went back outside to see Jeff shouldering our big garden pick. I convinced him to one more quick round of searching. Judah had by this point started crying and was getting really, really sweaty. I felt awful. We finally found them in the pocket of one of Jeff's pairs of pants. It's actually good that he was the one who used them last since the only places he ever leaves the keys are either on the key rack or in his pocket.

I am much more likely to leave them pretty much anywhere, so if I had used them I'm pretty sure our car would now have a broken window.

Judah was fine. Sweaty with flushed cheeks but fine. I stripped him down when we got inside and wiped him off with a cool rag. He was back to his happy self as soon as I let him eat some chips.

Let's hope that's the last time that happens.


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