Best dinner

I have found my new favorite dinner.

Huevos Racheros. I was reading one of favorite food blogs the other day, Annie's Eats. I love this blog for numerous reasons, but the initial reason I started reading it was because she is a doctor. Like Me. And a mommy. Like me. And she likes to cook. Also like me. It seems like we have similar taste in food because every recipe she posts I think, "Man. I'd like that."

This was no exception. Fried egg + homemade salsa + avocado + black beans. I actually made guacamole instead of serving sliced avocados because the avocados were super cheap at Aldi's the other day when I bought them. She also recommends using corn tortillas, but besides when I bought them fresh in Mexico, I find I always prefer flour. So underneath all the goodness that you see is a fried egg. Yum.

As Jeff said, this recipe is going in the regular rotation.


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