A few good recipes.

I'd pat myself on the back today in thinking about some of the very tasty items I made this week, but then I'd have to remind myself that tonight both Jeff and I ate cereal for dinner. Thankfully, I'm married to a man who appreciates the occasional cereal dinner and I didn't feel like cooking.

But if you feel like cooking, here are a few of the tasty items I've made this week:

Baked Pork chops. These have a homemade breadcrumb topping with garlic, herbs and cheese. I found some thick cut chops on clearance and they were awesome. Sort of like the old school shake-n-bake, but about 1000% better.

Mushroom and herb macaroni and cheese. I do not make homemade mac and cheese often and I'm having a hard time remembering why. Now, I will admit this ain't my Grandma's macaroni. Those of you who knew her would remember her delicious, but very traditional southern macaroni and cheese. I have to say that I like this better. It made a huge pan that we ate with pork chops on Thursday night, again with baked chicken on friday night, and there is still enough leftover to eat tomorrow. The fresh herbs really add a nice element, and I am thinking that homemade mac and cheese will be on the menu a lot more this summer.

Homemade pesto. Our basil plants are starting to really produce in our garden this summer and I made the summer's first batch of pesto this weekend. I made pesto cheese toast with it (fantastic!) and also spread some on chicken and made pesto roasted chicken (also fantastic!). I'm looking forward to many more pesto dishes this summer.


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