More on the potty training.

I think we've had our first hiccup.

Tuesday afternoon, after his nap, Judah suddenly didn't want to use the potty. Instead, he peed on me. He peed on Jeff. He peed on me again. Every time I'd sit him on his potty a few drops might come out but he'd cry and try to get up and do his little "I need to potty" wiggle. Combined with his recent clinginess, I was worried maybe he had gotten a bladder infection from trying to hold the pee too much. I called one of my colleagues and headed to the hospital. A big benefit of knowing so many doctors is that I sort of know how to work the system. I didn't want to go to the actual ER; I just wanted to check his urine. So our friend ordered the test and we were in and out in about a half hour.

Thankfully, there was no UTI, but maybe signs of an irritated urethra. The only medicine we needed was ibuprofen. Wednesday was a little better. He didn't pee on me at all, anyway. Hopefully today will continue to improve. After him doing so well on the potty I do NOT want to go back to diapers.


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