Valentine's day.

I realize this post is two days late, but hey - I'm working again this week and it's been a long one. Thankfully, I had a light day yesterday and was able to come home early and spend some wonderful time with my two valentines. This cute one here learned an important lesson yesterday - if your hands stay wet for too long your fingers become raisins. He was highly concerned about the wrinkles.

My other valentine ordered some beautiful tulips.

The last few months I have just been so proud of him. He continues to wait on God's timing patiently - much more patiently than I do - while looking for a new job, a task which he has poured a lot of energy into. In spite of the frustrations with our presbytery, he has continued to work to bless our little church even though he is not allowed to do the preaching that he loves. He teaches TWO different bible studies and was recently elected a ruling elder. He also is in charge of our church's search committee and is doing his best to find a good pastor to lead the congregation. I knew when I married him that he was a great guy, but having a front row seat to this trial has made me love and respect him that much more.


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