A Few Christmas photos.

With starting back to work right after Christmas and then everything that followed, I never got to post some of our Christmas photos. I had meant to, and then our camera battery was dead and we lost the charger. Several weeks and one new charger later, here they are! In addition to the other handmade gifts that I did, because my whole family was going to be together, I wanted to make matching pajamas for all 4 boys. Because I had to make four sets of whatever I did, I definitely didn't want to do anything too complicated. But I was pleased with how they turned out.

I made some very simple flannel pants and then embellished shirts. The shirt design was one I came up with on my own, and was very simple - three overlapping circles and a bit of ric-rac. Ric-rac makes everything cuter, I've decided. For the pants, I used my favorite tutorial, which is very straightforward and easy. When there are no pockets, zippers, or buttons involved, making pants can actually be very easy.

I do love how all our sweet boys seemed to enjoy their new PJs- and each other - a lot.


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