I give a lot of bad news. I guess it's par for the course of a hospitalist. I have told people they were dying of cancer. Told loved ones a patient had just passed away. Had countless frank bedside conversations with patients and families about mortality.

Today I had to tell a 38+ week pregnant lady her baby had died. With all my experience giving bad news, that is one piece of bad news I've never had to give before. I got called into her room as the in house ultrasound expert because the residents were having a hard time finding a heart beat. I looked for a long time, and all I could see was a baby that was very still. Too still. And then I told her. She cried; I wanted to hold her and cry along too.

It is easy to think that my struggles are hard until I am given the task of telling someone else devastating news.

I am praying for this family tonight.


Megan said…
I'm just reading this. And I have tears. For you and for her.

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