Pardon the bad photos, but I was so excited about how this project turned out I couldn't wait to post the photos. I realized the other week that our diaper bag is really too big now. Mostly when we go places, all we need are a few diapers, a cup, and maybe a snack trap. Instead of just getting a smaller diaper bag, I decided to make Judah carry his own stuff. I briefly thought about trying to wing this pattern, but when I saw the perfect backpack pattern already made up, I realized that it would be much, much easier just to buy it.

I bought this robot fabric a while back but hadn't found a project I was willing to use it in. Since it's just a quilting weight fabric, I used a medium interfacing and also made a lining for it. The pattern was fabulous. Great descriptions, excellent photos, and she included a few alterations as well - the optional lining and a larger version that will fit an 8.5 X 11 folder. I think I'm going to make the bigger one next.
I love the padded adjustable straps and the tiny handle to hang it by. The only change I made to the pattern was to add a loop of elastic to the inside so we'd have a place to corral his cup.
Although there is one somewhat fussy part - trying to get the sides to pin up evenly with the front and back - I started and finished this project this evening. I will definitely be making this again. Even though I always complain that there are not very many patterns for boys, I am slowly finding the good ones.


Megan said…
Well done! That looks awesome!
The Balls said…
that turned out great!!! i love it!

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