I love giving handmade gifts. I especially love all the handmade gifts I was able to give this year at Christmas. The downside, though, of so many homemade gifts is that after Christmas my desire to make anything is completely gone. Even if there were occasions that normally would compel me to make something - I just can't. I decided that sometime around the fourth pair of pajama pants I was making on Christmas Eve, my sewing mojo just vanished. I'm happy to say that it's back, though. It walked back into my life this week and bit me. Big time.

This week, I made a knitting needle holder for Jeff's Grandma (just a few weeks late for her birthday), and these two adorable baby dresses - gifts for some new and almost here babies. I decided that I really hope to have a daughter one day because the girl-related sewing just kills me with its cuteness.

Ric-rac hemline! What could be cuter.

Of course, I found the pattern on pinterest. Diaper cover tutorial found here.

Up next? Judah's getting a backpack. I can't wait.


Carissa said…
It is so much fun sewing for a little girl! I have made Gemma several cute dresses. Now that we are having a boy too though I am having a hard time coming up with sewing ideas for him. Even when I looked at patterns in the store (and I don't really like to use patterns), there were just a handful of mediocre things for boys. I will definitely be stealing lots of ideas from you (and pinterest)!

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