A Judah update.

I feel like Judah is changing so fast these days that if I don't record what he's doing then I won't remember all the really cute things.

1. Talking! He is really starting to talk a lot more. He has started to do this adorable thing when he wants me to hold him where he will stretch his arms up to me and say, "Me-me". The way he holds his arms open so wide and looks up at me just makes me melt every time. Yesterday when I was making dinner, he followed me around saying "up please" for a while before I figured out that's what he was saying. I have been working to get him to say please, so I feel bad that it took me so long to realize that's what he saying. He is getting new words every day and getting better and better at saying the old ones. I love hearing his sweet little voice.

2. Singing! He really loves listening to singing and I'm trying to sing more kid songs around the house with him. "The wheels on the bus" is a favorite, especially because it involves hand motions. He also does this cute thing where he'll open the hymnal we have at home and "sing" along as he turns the pages.

3.  He has really gotten into giving hugs and kisses. I normally ask him for a kiss, but today I was holding him say "I Love You" and he just laid one on me. He is also something of a flirt with the ladies; he will tilt his head to the side and give a really big smile to them. It's adorable.

4. He's also at an age where he loves being tossed onto the bed or couch and will also play the game where he throws himself down onto the bed for quite a while. I'm wondering if he's going to be some kind adrenaline junky.

5. We had our first visit to the dentist today, and I'd say Judah did pretty well. He only screamed while he was laying down on the chair with people poking into his mouth, and stopped at soon as I picked him up. I call that success. We got a good report, though I do need to do a better job brushing the front of his bottom teeth. Teeth normally come in pairs as they erupt in the mouth, and Judah seems to be missing one on the bottom, which I had noticed. The dentist wasn't too concerned about it yet, but it is something to watch. He also has a tight frenum - that little piece of skin that connects the top lip to the top gum right in the middle, which I hadn't noticed. Another thing we have to watch because sometimes they have to be clipped.

6. I just borrowed a little potty from Melanie and went to the library to check out some potty training books. I don't think Judah is quite ready to start, since I tried to get him to sit on it today without a diaper on and he flipped out, but I'd like to start in a few months around his birthday. Our library didn't actually have any good potty training books (??!?) so if anyone out there has any advice or book recommendations, I'm all ears.


Melanie said…
I can't think of any potty books we used, but I think someone recommended the elmo potty video when I was training Sam... though he was older, and I don't really remember it being anything great. So I'm not really sure why I'm commenting right now :) As far as advice, I totally am a fan of picking a week to do it, clearing your schedule so you're home as much as physically possible, and announcing on a Monday morning (so that church the next Sunday is as far away as possible!) that he's ALL DONE WITH DIAPERS! WOO-HOO! Feed him tons of salty snacks so he's thirsty, push the juice boxes so he really has to go, and spend a lot of time running to the potty. My boys responded better to me telling them it was time to try to go potty (I think I even set a timer for Sam so that it was the timer's fault instead of mine!) rather than asking them if they have to go - the answer was always "no!"
Carissa said…
Gemma LOVES "The Wheels on the Bus" right now too - she will just randomly start doing wiper motions with her arms (she says "whee whee whee" instead of "swish swish swish") throughout the day - it's so cute I can't get enough of it! I will be interested to hear how the potty training goes - I would really like to start with Gemma soon but since we will have a new baby in 2 months I feel like that will probably be causing too much upheaval for her already and likely hinder the progress of any potty training. And I don't think she's quite ready just yet.

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