A few things.

1. I watched the Super Bowl at my parent's house, which was great. We ate pizza, noodles, and homemade guacamole. Yum. Not that I really cared, but I was glad the NY won. For whatever reason, I just can't cheer for the Patriots. (Although I do like Tom Brady....) I was glad that all my reading of Sports Illustrated really paid off as I got to teach my dad about automatic safeties and knew what college Tom Brady went to.

2. This whole mess with Komen and Planned Parenthood has just made my blood boil at numerous points this week. Reading comments on news stories at places like MSNBC or Slate is definitely a bad idea for a conservative like me. Of course, I am strongly pro-life and the rhetoric against the pro-life community this week has been maddening. (I love how our "unbiased" media writes about "pro-choice" groups and "anti-choice" groups. That's not biased at all.) It seems crazy to me that an anti breast cancer organization would give money to a group that doesn't perform mammograms in the first place.

3. I've been making a photo book on shutterfly this week and have to say that I LOVE the updates they've made. It is now completely customizable - you can change the size of any photos, move them around the page, make text boxes bigger or smaller, as well as add "stickers" that give it a more scrapbook feel. It's an excellent change. I have made numerous books but often felt a little constrained by their design options. Now there are more design options AND you can completely change around what is there as well. The new backgrounds are great, too.

4. I feel like for the most part I am a fairly laid-back mom. There are a few times when I notice that I really get stressed out, though. Although Judah is a pretty good traveler, sometimes in the car he refuses to nap and gets really fussy. Trying to entertain a nearly two year old in the car when he is strapped in and over tired is exhausting. Similarly, when we are at someone else's house and there are few toys and TONS of "no-touches" at toddler eye level, I get frustrated and worn out in a heart beat. Apparently I need to do a better job bringing toys/snacks/entertainment if it seems like there might not be any at our location.


Carissa said…
I am SO with you on the Planned Parenthood mess - I had to stop getting on Facebook for a couple of days because some of the comments of acquaintances were angering me. And more recently, it's Prop 8. I'm thinking of giving up Facebook for Lent this year and I normally don't even observe Lent!

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