Weird postpartum things.

Or, things you can expect to happen after you have a baby that most people don't talk about.

1. Night sweats. Every day for probably the first 6 weeks after Judah was born, I'd wake up drenched with sweat. And then randomly during the day I'd also occasionally get hot. I'm normally the kind of person who runs cold and always like to be covered with a blanket when I'm on the couch, so this was definitely new to me. This, apparently, is very normal. I guess the hormonal changes make this happen. But do not be surprised if you wake up soaking wet.

2. Losing your hair. For the last two weeks or so, I've noticed I'm shedding more hairs that usual. Then yesterday, when I was in the shower, just running my fingers through my hair left me with a bunch of hairs that came out. (It wasn't quite enough to say it was a clump, but it was WAY more than normal.) This is also something normal. Apparently, when you give birth or even just have major surgery (I had both), more of your hair follicles go into the resting state where they don't grow. Normally you have maybe 15% of your hair in the resting state. With childbirth 50% can go into the resting state. When the new hair starts to grow, it pushes the hair that's in its resting state out. And this very commonly happens about 3-4 months later. Hence why poor Judah wakes up with mommy hairs (and a few dog hairs) on his clothes and blanket.

3. When you are healing from a c-section and mostly feel back to your normal self (or as normal as you can feel when you are feeding another human from what you produce with your own body and waking up every three hours to do it) sometimes just turning over in bed with cause you to have a sharp, almost tearing pain in the area under your incision. This is also normal. This comes from the suture they use to close the fascia pulling on the fascia which causes pain.

So consider yourself informed.


Melanie said…
I totally agree with all of the above. I didn't sweat nearly as much after C. (in August) as I did after S. (in November!) ... wonder if that's related to the c-section, too? And I still have spots under my incision that are mostly numb almost 4 years later. So weird.
The Balls said…
i never had the night sweats, but definitely had the alarming gobs of hair fall out! i had read somewhere that it was a b vitamin deficiency...glad to know that it's really just a had-a-baby thing!
Carissa said…
I am with you on the hair thing. I have always shed like crazy - now it is about 10 times worse! My weird postpartum things also included kidney stones. No fun.

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