Jeff's Pearls of Manliness

I must apologize to any male readers we have left for the two previous posts dealing with, um, ya know, the uh... the way babies eat. I will try to right the ship and get this blog back on track by talking about some manly things.

1. Grilling. What more manly way is there to cook than by setting a piece of raw meat mere inches from 26,000 BTU's of burning propane? Girls steam; Guys grill. The other day we taught a friend how to grill pizza. It's awesome. There's no raw meat involved, but there is processed meat. And processed meat is manly (and delicious!).

2. Gardening. You might not think of gardening as manly, but think again. It involves dirt, sweat, back pain, and shovels. It is a form of self reliance, and provision. And it produces things you can put on a grill. All manly.

3. Sports. Sports are undeniably manly, and what a great year for sports it has been. We practically went straight from the Winter Olympics, to March Madness, to Phil winning the Masters, to the start of baseball season, to the NBA Finals, to the World Cup, to the National League winning the All-Star Game. And now its the British Open, the only time of year when you can watch live golf coverage over breakfast! If the Cubs can turn it around in the second half of the year, then 2010 might be a truly fine year of sports.

4. Being a Dad. Being a Dad is manly. And I have big plans to teach Judah how to throw a baseball, swing a golf club, ride a bike, memorize a Bible verse, and catch a fish. The truth is, I think fishing is kinda boring, but it seems like such a classic father-son activity I'll probably do it anyway.

5. Fixing Things. Fixing stuff is usually manly, but I'm usually bad at it. hmm.

6. Theology. Despite what some say, knowing and leading in theological and ecclesiastical matters is manly. Which is good, because I'm better at this than I am at fixing things.

7. Loving your wife. Ok, now I'm just getting sentimental, which isn't manly. But today is Aubrey and I's anniversary, and I love my wife! It's been a great six years. And now we are a family of three, and having a family is manly too.

What else is manly?


Anonymous said…
Jeff in your list of sporting events you forgot the Tour as in de France. Does Aubrey follow it at all with her cycling? Julie
Jeff said…
Good point, Julie. But other than the Sportscenter recaps, neither Aubrey nor I have followed Le Tour this year.
Pam said…
Posting to a family blog == very manly!

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