Vacation photos, part 1.

Yesterday, we got to eat dinner with some good friends who also just had a baby. Sweet little Gemma is just about 5 weeks younger than Judah - and I was again impressed with how quickly they grow and change at this age. Gemma felt so light compared to holding Judah, but she was absolutely adorable and her hair is a sight to behold. It was fun eating with people who understand when you have to get up during dinner because your baby is spitting up, or fussing and don't mind the loud noises their various bodily functions make.

Seeing them next to one another really made me appreciate just how big Judah's head is.

Judah did his best to impress Gemma by blowing lots of bubbles, and she sort of tried to hold his hand, although he didn't really get the hint.


Carissa said…
Those pictures are so adorable! We enjoyed seeing you - wish you still lived in Charleston!

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