A few random thoughts and photos.

Judah rolled over from back to stomach for the first time yesterday. I had put him down for bed, and then a little while later he started fussing. I waited a little while (we're trying to work on getting him to sleep better and not needing our help to get that way) but then went and checked on him when he continued to fuss. I was very surprised to see him on his stomach! He has also accidentally made it from his stomach to his back a few times- I think that has more to do with the weight of his big noggin giving him momentum to turn over. I'm realizing we're going to have to be more careful just leaving him places since he's getting more mobile.

Judah got a bath in the sink at Austin and Elise's house - he was so cute laying there, but he barely fit. Jeff took this photo, and I just love it. I'm not sure what it is, exactly, that I love so much, but I really love it. After going to the beach, I also rinsed him off in the shower with me. I learned it's hard to shower with a baby - he was so slippery I almost dropped him, and I felt like I needed an extra hand to clean him off.

I also loved this photo, of Judah asleep one morning after I'd fed him his breakfast. He is just so sweet when he is asleep. I mean, I think he's sweet all the time, but I love watching him sleep. Don't tell my doctor, but he was sleeping so well (both in my bed and on his stomach) that I just left him. Even though I always tell my patients to always put babies down on their backs and in their own beds. Sometimes I guess my own advice is hard to follow.

My final favorite of the vacation photos. Sweet Judah and his sweet toes. Now it's off to nap time (both for me and Judah)


Banana said…
Sweet photos. The sink one reminds me of a pic our friends took of their newborn just a few weeks younger than Judah. They gave him one of his first baths in a 6-cup measuring bowl which made for an adorable picture and plenty of creative caption possibilities.

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