Things I'm currently loving.

Since I don't like to have sad posts up for too long....

1. - It's this great website (which probably everyone knows about already) where you can post books you have you don't really want and trade them for books you do want. It's working out great here; I've been able to get several books I have been wanting to read for the price of postage. Sweet. An added bonus is that it is helping us clear out a little more space on our bookshelf.

2. Slowly fitting back into some pre-pregnancy clothes. I just started doing weight watchers online and so far I'm losing about 1-2 lbs/week. Basically it's just making me think a little more about what I'm eating, and is keeping me accountable to eat a reasonable amount. Since I'm nursing I really get to eat plenty, so it really doesn't even feel like a diet. But instead of having like 3 desserts in a day, I'll just eat one.

3. The way that Judah greets me every morning with a huge grin.

4. The way he'll rest his head on my shoulder and put his little hand behind my shoulder when he is just waking up. I think I've got a bit of a snugglebug on my hands.

5. Hearing Judah's voice - he's really gotten much more vocal and will have these little conversations with me when I coo at him. It's funny how the smallest things with a baby are the most wonderful.


Melanie said…
Love W.W. And snuggly baby boys even more.

Any chance of getting video on the blog of that sweet voice? I'm sure I could get at least one far-away grandmother to back me up here ...

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