Day 1 - Trial by Fire (Sorta)

A few disassociated thoughts about my day:
1. A few months ago, I agreed to round on the pediatric service in addition to rounding on the medicine (i.e. adult) service today. Our normal peds attending was going to be out of town. I figured it couldn't be that bad - kids don't get sick as often over the summer (it's not cold and flu season), so I should have plenty of time to do that and see my other patients. A usual day on the peds service for us might mean 3 or 4 newborns and 2 or 3 kids on the floor. A busy day would be 5 newborns and 5 kids on the floor. Today there were 7 newborns and 8 kids on the floor. Thankfully, the other hospitalist I work with graciously agreed to see more of the medicine patients, including all the patients in the ICU. Bless him.

2. In addition to rounding on peds and medicine patients, I also had clinic today. I'm not really sure who thought all this out, but it wasn't me. I was about 15 minutes late to clinic trying to finish up my work on the floor.

3. I probably would have had just enough time but Jeff brought Judah up so I could feed him. Seeing him is always the best part of my day. When I got home, the time until he had to go to bed passed way too quickly.

4. It was very, very odd being the attending on peds. The interns were actually giving me their formal presentations on patients. Just two weeks ago, I would have been the one who was checking patients out to someone else. I had a hard time introducing myself to patients as the attending, and the whole time I was thinking to myself, "Don't be stupid. Don't be stupid." I almost felt like a fraud - but then I relaxed and remembered that I haven't been just sitting around for the last three years. I can actually take care of patients.

5. Tonight, I'm on OB call. Also strange.

6. 1 day down, 6 more to go.


Austin said…
Keep up the good work sis! I am proud of my attending doctor sister!!

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