Tell Garden 2010: A Midsummer Update

Well it's July and the All-Star Break is almost upon us. That means its time for the midsummer update on progress in the garden.

So far Garden 2010 is the second best garden I've ever had. Out of three. It is doing better than Garden 2009, but is nowhere near the productivity standards set by Garden 2008. I guess I must have had some beginners luck that first year, because I haven't yet been able to repeat the feat.

I only planted five tomato plants this year in an attempt to actually give them the recommended amount of space, rather than cramming in 14 like I did in '08. However, tomato production has been slower than usual, and one of the plants is going through a rebellious stage. The squash and zucchini seem to be a little bit off of last years pace, but that's ok, because last year we had more zucchini than we knew what to do with.

As for the pole beans, they look pretty cool, and I'm happy with the trellis I built, but I'm disappointed with their meager production. I thought by planting a whole row that we would be living on beans this summer, but we're yet to be able to full meals worth at once. Lot's of space, very few beans.

Finally, I will admit to several cases of plant confusion. The cantaloupe seeds I planted are growing cucumbers. I like cucumbers, but I really had my heart set on cantaloupes. Although at least I can be happy that I've already collected more cucumbers than I ever collected cantaloupes. Also the patch of sweet basil I planted turned out to be lemon basil. Which leads me to believe there might have been some sort of evil coup d'etat at the seed company over the winter and some mischievous tyrant who preys on unsuspecting gardeners switched all the seed packet labels. It's the only logical explanation.

Let's hope the garden steps things up in the second half this year, or we'll be in danger of missing the playoffs again.


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