I just started a month of pediatrics. I'm definitely enjoying this more than urology - though that's not really saying much.

I still feel like I don't quite have the hang of things yet. We work with two really excellent pediatricians, but the peds service runs quite differently than our medicine service. There are many, many more details that need to be "sweated," and as someone who strongly dislikes details, it's taking some time getting used to. Honestly, when dealing with kids, you really do need to think about all the details, so it's stretching me in ways that are necessary. Kids are impressively resilient, so it's a nice change taking care of patients who get better so fast. Exhibit A for their resiliency - there was a 15 year old girl who had her gallbladder taken out yesterday. Not even 4 hours after surgery she was already digging into her lunch tray - which included a big piece of cheesecake. This morning she ate bacon and biscuits with gusto. [Let's just say this is impressive in that we typically encourage our adult patients to try a low-fat diet for a while after surgery as this will help deal with some of the side effects of surgery.]

Every morning I get to start my day out by examining all the newborns we take care of. Most mornings there are 3 or 4 to check out, plus I often get to spend a little time holding someone as they chill out in the nursery. Unless they're screaming, it's a fairly relaxing way to begin. This morning I held this little twin daughter of one of my OB patients - a baby I spent much time watching on ultrasound. She fell asleep snuggled into my neck. It was wonderful.

In other news, I think the baby had some hiccups today. Maybe.


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