A belated thank you.

My senior year of college I had to take this computer science class. It was a prerequisite for the program I was in. I hated it. I felt like it was a complete waste of time. I skipped it as often as I could - which wasn't too hard, since all the material for the class was on a CD they handed out at the beginning. Mostly, I think it annoyed me to have to take this class I was uninterested in, when there were lots of other interesting classes out there I could have taken instead.

We learned about html, and had to make a little web page. Again, this felt like a complete waste - what would I ever need this information for? I certainly didn't foresee ever having some sort of personal web page I'd be updating.

I have to admit - although I'm no expert, I still remember enough to personalize my own blog by changing the html. And now I'm doing some work on Jeff's other blog, which is still ongoing. I think we're going to get there. A little knowledge of html ended up being something that was actually useful.

Maybe those college bureaucrats in charge of curriculum foresaw something I didn't.....

So thank you, Mr. Professor of the computer science class I rarely went to, whose name I don't even remember. I guess I got something out of your class after all.


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