I just started two week of a GI rotation. Mostly, I guess, this entails me watching them do colonoscopies and EGDs.

This is, I'm realizing, maybe not the best rotation to do while pregnant. Undigested food in the stomach? Disgusting. The smells? Also disgusting. I nearly tossed my cookies.

I think I've got a pretty strong stomach. Blood - doesn't bother me. Snot - no problem. Childbirth - bring it on. But I've ALWAYS had this thing about gross food/vomit/etc. Just ask Jeff. I refuse to throw away food that looks disgusting. I call him to do it. I get totally grossed out when there are bits of dinner floating in the sink that have come off of our dirty dinner dishes. Ewww. When I was little, just the sight of cooked peas could gag me. (Thankfully, this I've outgrown - I really love peas now.) So apparently my aversions run deep. And seeing something like this up close and personal INSIDE someone's stomach? Almost more than I could handle.

I guess even I have my limits.


Austin said…
Now you know what I've been trying to tell you about GI... Simply stated, gross.

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