The winner is....

I ran in a 5K run this morning. I was post-call, but since I was on with the intern who ALWAYS seems to have easy calls, I was hoping I'd get some sleep. I did - my pager was completely silent from 11:30 until 7:15 this morning when I decided to get up. (Woohoo!)

So I went to the race, mostly just wanting to put in a decent time (i.e. less that 30 minutes). I actually ended up running the best time for a 5K I've ever run (25:50) and was pretty happy. This was not a huge race - just a little local thing to support our free medical clinic.

Still, imagine my surprise when they were calling out the age group winners and for the female 25-29 they called out... ABNEY TELL! Apparently I need to write my name more neatly. But unlike last time I "won" my age group, this time I was really racing as me! I am now the proud owner of a beautiful blue first place ribbon (think elementary school field day awards) and.... a koozie! [photos to follow]

Overall, it was one of the funnest and most productive post-call Saturday mornings I've had.


Lindsay said…
Yahoooo! Very cool. I love how races are always in the morning and then it's like well having accomplished THAT, am superwoman and can take on the rest of a glorious day. Have a good one!
abram.rampey said…
AUBREY THE DESTROYER!!!!! You are a beast sis. Good Job
Melanie said…
I was going to say something like, "Aubrey, you're amazing," but I'm not sure how effective that would be following Abram's comment. Still, I think you're pretty cool.

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