Venti Crappucino

This morning I got up early(ish) and came up to the library at Erskine to work on a little research. So far it is going splendidly. But just to help it go even splendidlier I walked next door to the gas station and got what I fondly call a crappucino. Technically, the auto-brew machine at the gas station calls it a "Banana-Nut Latte." Mmmmm, banana.

Its the kind of machine where you put your cup under the spout and push the button. At first it just looks like water coming out, but then after a second it turns dark, and you hold the button down until it is 2/3 full, the let off, and the hot sugary goodness keeps coming out for a few more seconds.

Whether or not there is actual "coffee" in this drink is somewhat of a mystery. But it tastes good, and costs 80 cents! 80 cents! An equivalent drink at Starbucks would cost four bucks. (if the 'bux could make anything that could be considered this drinks "equivalent") So now I'm sitting in the corner of the library with my crappucino, my Hebrew bible, and Pandora radio. These are a few of my favorite things.


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