When the shoe is on the other paw.

A few days ago Aubrey wrote a helpful post for those of us who aren't always sure what type of things require an emergency room visit and what type don't. And although the post had a slightly scolding tone to it, nevertheless, it appears from the comments that it proved helpful. (Ken, a bill is in the mail.)

And to be honest, it is quite helpful having a doctor in the house. I myself, do not often know the answers to various medical questions, and having a live-in doc is quite the convenience.

But yesterday the shoe was on the other paw. The left paw. Aubrey took Lucy on her afternoon run, as is her custom. But Lucy had to bail out halfway through because of a limp. And woe was we. Without a live-in veterinarian in the house, we were on the phone with our vet (who lives down the street, and is a friend from church). We didn't know what to do. Should we take Lucy to the vet? Or was this the hangnail of the veterinary world, not worthy of a vet visit? My vote was hangnail, but I'm leaving in about an hour for our vet appointment. So if Dr. Sally writes about us and our overprotectiveness on her blog tonight we'll know why.


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