That is what my life consists of right now. I had 19 patients to see this morning, including three ICU patients. I think this is what it must be like at most people's residency programs, coming in early, staying late, rushing to get everything done and not having even a minute to yourself. Thankfully, there are just three more weeks of this madness, so I'm praising the Lord, again, for his wisdom in bringing me to a place where my life isn't like this all the time.

I also realize that there are some things I need to help me with the stress. (In no particular order)
1. My sweet husband, who encourages me and loves me even when all I feel like doing is getting in bed and eating cereal.

2. Exercise. It had been several days since I'd gotten any and I could feel it. I decided I should swim last night, so got there just before 9, and swam until the pool closed at 9:30. That was just what the doctor ordered.

3. More planning. This morning was much less stressful than yesterday, mostly because I made some lunch last night and laid out the clothes I was going to wear today. A little forethought does me a lot of good.

4. Prayer. Part of why my swim was so refreshing is because it gave me time to think and pray and lay down some things I've been carrying. Which I realize I just do not do enough. But especially during this crazy, somewhat awful week I've had, God has been good to us - in the big things and in the small things, reminding me constantly that he is here, and he is taking care of me, and he even sent his son for me, knowing that there would be many, many times like this one where I would think I could do it all myself. So even though this last week was tough, it is good to get a reminder of just how much I need him. I just wish I could get this into my head faster, so I wouldn't need these little "lessons" anymore.


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