C.C. no Cy

I haven't ever had a lot of sports related posts on the ol' blog here. But we recently got ESPN at the house, so I'm a bit more informed and opinionated regarding the sports world now. My first opinion is that all this talk of C.C. Sabathia being a Cy Young contender is ridiculous. Sure, he's 9-1 with the Brewers this season, threw a one-hitter, and is an ok pitcher. But here are several reasons why he's not that good.

1. Of his 14 starts for the Brewers this year, the team has won 12 of them. Not bad. But it is never pointed out that those two losses were both against the Cubs. Their main division rivals this year. Those were the most important two games he has pitched, and his team lost both of them.

2. Also, no one points out that 10 of his 14 starts were against sub-.500 teams. Only 4 times has he faced a team having a good year. And in his start against the Astro's (a winning record team) he got hit more than any other start. He also beat St. Louis, and did I mention two losses to the Cubs? So while he is dominant against losing teams, when he pitches against good teams he is only average.

3. His one-hitter is not nearly as cool as Zambrano's no-hitter.

4. And while every one says he is 9-1 with the Brewers this year, you can't just count half the year. Count his whole year and he's 15-9. Good, but not great.


Keeeeeeeith said…
Agreed, as much as I hate to admit it, Lincecum is my vote for Cy. The talk of CC is rediculus. It's a 3 man race (Webb, Lidge, Lincecum) with Lincecum having the edge (even though he looks like he's 12) with that record and those numbers on that (pathetic) team. I thought Webby had it locked up until he hit that late season bump.
Ken Shomo said…
You have now quadrupled my baseball knowledge for this season. I'm a little more up on football.

I guess I'd request more sports posts, because otherwise I'm pretty much out of the loop.

Is Trevor Hoffmann still around? I'd give him a Cy Young. How about Babe Ruth? I heard he can pitch and hit, too.

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