In consideration of short attention spans, and knowing no one has time for a full blog post, I offer instead this collection of short bloggettes.

1. So I drove past a auto repair shop here in Greenwood the other day, and it has one of those church sign style signs out front with a changeable message. The message of the week was, "Happiness begins by accepting what is." Nice. Pithy. But I couldn't help but think how unsuited it is to the repair business. Do they really want people to be accepting what is?

2. I think "worcestershire" is my least favorite word. It's hard to say, and impossible to spell. I think it has at least 5 silent letters, plus 2 implied letters. "Pianist" is my second least favorite word. I just say "piano player," less chance of confusion that way.

3. I've occasionally wondered if the Cubs could field a team of nine players whose names all end in -o. Naturally, Zambrano would take the mound. Soto would be catching, and the infield would be Cedeno, Theriot (silent t), Fontenot (ditto), and Blanco at first. Our weakness would be the outfield, where I guess Soriano would have to cover the whole thing. Do I spend to much time thinking about the Cubs? No. I don't. Its an appropriate amount.


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