Garden Update

These are a couple of our recent harvests from the garden o' plenty...

This one included tomatoes and basil, which was used in the construction of homemade pizza, and well as the most juicy and delicious cantaloupe ever. It was actually the second cantaloupe out of our garden, the first was not as big or as sweet, but this second one was just right!

This harvest includes the Zinnias in the vase. Also some sage we used in pasta that night, and 3 carrots. The carrot harvest was not impressive this year. Also more peppers and tomatoes.

And here are a couple of pictures of the wildly uncontrollable growth of the garden. This first one is the box located in the corner by the fence. You can barely see the wood border for the expansion of the zinnias and unstoppable cantaloupe vines. The middle is mostly basil, the wispy thing in the top right is rosemary, the bottom has a large dahlia.

And note the tenacious tomato plants. To keep them off the ground I tied them to the fence, now some of the vines are almost back down to the ground again.

And for reference, here is the same garden containing the same plants back in April. Everything in the corner box was still just seeds in the ground at this point.


Anonymous said…
What a yummy pot of goodness that is!

Thanks for the CD recommendation! I'll definitely check Jamie Soles out!
Tiffanie said…
Oh how I want a garden! Something hubby and I have been discussing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have to admit, I'm not gonna try the castor oil thing. But hoping that having my membrane stripped on Tuesday will soon pay off. :) Doc is talking induction tomorrow morning, so really hoping for baby to come tonight.
Ken Shomo said…
I don't remember that fence. It looks like ours, except upright.
Lee said…
Thanks for checking out my Works for Me...

Your garden looks like it's growing like crazy. That's amazing. I wish I had a green thumb like that.

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