Just when I think I'm done with testing, I realize that in this profession...there is ALWAYS another test.

I took "Step 3" this weekend. Not too different than "Step 2" or "Step 1." And I was thinking that this would be the last test of my career.

Except that it isn't. Every year during residency I take an inservice exam. (Which doesn't really count for anything, but it's still a test nonetheless) Then, after I finish, I have to take the Family Medicine Boards. And then every 7 years, I have to retake this test. Just to prove that I'm not getting stupider. Not to mention that it seems every day (some more than others) feels like a test....trying to use my medical knowledge in a way that lets me be like Jesus to people who are sick and dying.

So basically, I'm saying I will NEVER be done with tests. I guess maybe God thinks that eventually, just maybe, I'll get it through my head that my value does not come from my performance (or from the way I look, or from what other people think of me, or....) .

And I obviously still have a long way to go.


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