With the anticipatory taste of garden fresh tomatoes already in our mouths, last week Aubrey and I planted some seeds in indoor containers as a prelude to a summer garden. I've never been much of a green thumb, so I've been skeptical all week that anything is going to happen. But this morning we awoke to find this...

Which if you look really closely, squint, and kinda turn your head sideways just a little bit,you can see that it contains this.....

Ta-Da!! Our first seed has hatched! Isn't it cute? This particular bi-leaf structure is going to grow up to be a Zinnia. Along with tomatoes we also planted some flowers, and various herbs, peppers, and cantaloupe. Mmmm, just a four or five more months and there will be fresh cantaloupe on the Tell family table. I can't wait.


Ken Shomo said…
Jeff, just remember to keep your garden clean by regular mopping. Otherwise dirt simply gets everywhere!

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