The life of a resident...

I was talking to Jeff about how I was excited that I am almost done with this month of internal medicine. Even though I have another month right after this one, it's nice to be halfway done with another long haul.

I was excited because really I only have two more work days until this month is over. Two more work days do not sound like very much. But they are both call days.

So my "two" days left are actually 60 hours of work.

Yep - a week and a half of a normal person's job. All crammed into two days for me.

Welcome to residency.


Keeeeeeeith said…
I clearly don't understand...60 hours divied by 24 hours (# of hours in an AZ day) is 2.5 days not 2.
Aubrey said…
Yes. Each shift is 30 hours. I go to work 7am one day, and leave around 1pm the next. Which is why it's 60 hours.

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