More projects

I realized that there were lots of crafty projects I hadn't posted yet. So here they are:

A fun library bag for Sam and Jack.

Cute shoes for Ashlyn:

A Knitting needle case for Jeff's mom:
Just looking at these photos makes me want to sew some more....


lindsay said…
How did you make those shoes? They are just precious!!
Pam said…
LOVE the knitting needle case. Nice work! and gorgeous fabrics.
Amelia says she just has to have those shoes. They are so cute! Maybe I can follow the directions...or pass the idea on to grandma who is a seasoned seamstress :)
MrsKamorri said…
I have that leafy fabric from the knitting needle case! I made an Amy Butler Swing bag for my husband's boss's wife last year using some coordinating brown denim-ish stuff for the contrast. I have seen that fabric in so many places online. I think everyone must have bought some. And no wonder!

I love the baby shoes! My baby has a pair from the same pattern (I think) and she and I both love them. I think I need to make some too! I know several babies who would appreciate them.

I came across your blog via the comments at All Sorts. Your name caught my eye because it's what my mom wanted to name me back in 1977. My father nixed that (guess he wasn't a fan of Bread) but I have always felt a connection with Aubreys much like the connection I feel with folks who share my actual name (Lindsey)

And now I have probably creeped you out so I'll say goodbye! Oh! Now that I am looking at your blog some more I see that we went to the same college! I left after just one year but I did really enjoy that year! I look forward to reading some more of your posts as time allows.


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