Wildlife As Canon Sees It

At least this is how our canon sees it when squinting hard through a 16x digital zoom. All in all I think its pretty good considering that most of these were taken from inside our kitchen, and the bird feeder is at the back of the yard.

Aubrey got me a bird feeder for Christmas, and the birds are beginning to find it.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal enjoying some dinner upstairs, while a chick-a-dee keeps look out below.

And here Mr. Chick-a-dee is dining with Mr. Unknown Bird.

And, one of my personal favorites, Mr. Woodpecker, marveling at how much easier this is than banging your head against a tree.

Look at the camera Mr. Woodpecker!


I hope the birds are able to keep control of the feeder and don't let the squirrels take over. It seems to happen in many a backyard.
Alex said…
We, too, are loving the bird feeding. We put out seed on our back porch/fire escape where we get really quite a lot of birds, and a squirrel. They seem to live in harmony though.

We had to move the window feeder to the front window, from the kitchen, because a squirrel was doing a pull-up to get in (which was pretty impressive... did you know that when squirrels are burying nuts, 20% of the time there is no nut and it is just a decoy? - they are clever), and then chowing down. So, now he cant get to it, and we get a couple of Cardinals coming to it.

Birds are good.
So Jeff, I guess 3 invites just wasn't enough :) I must have the wrong address.
Jeff said…

that's an interesting comment. If you have sent invites to my email, then I guess you do have the wrong address because I haven't gotten any.


Thanks for not forgetting me!
Ken Shomo said…

Is chickadee related to chick-fil-a? We have those up here. It's kind of like a reverse birdfeeder.

Cool pics.

The Balls said…
jeff - you make clint proud! he will be so happy that you are taking such good care of his feathered friends. i think mr. unknown bird is a nuthatch. happy birding!
The Balls said…
sorry, i meant tufted titmouse! it's late, i need to get off the computer!

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