It was bound to happen sometime.

Yesterday, the church where Jeff is preaching Sunday called to let him know that the pianist is out sick and can't play. They wanted to know if maybe I played and could fill in. (To be fair, they also asked if Jeff could play.) Because, after all, pastor's wives ALWAYS play piano, right up there with teaching children's church, leading women's bible studies, or maybe singing in the choir. If they had needed a fill-in to deliver a baby, make a stuffed animal, or do an ultrasound, then I'd be their lady.

Alas, I just did not work hard enough at piano. If only I'd known I was going to marry a pastor...


Melanie said…
But surely you've already carved out time this summer to run VBS, right?
Totallyscrappy said…
Ahahahahahaha! Years ago my husband came home from work and very innocently asked if I would be interested in taking up a few piano lessons. I immediately got suspicious and asked, "Why?" His reply? The pianist quit.

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