Jeff and I had a great weekend....we went up to my parent's house in Seneca. We figured we should get up there while we can still go out on the boat. We had a great time. We got to go out both saturday and sunday. And Jeff learned how to waterski! He did very well. I did a little wakeboarding and tried to learn how to slalom ski. I actually was able to drop a ski and stayed up for a few seconds, but that was it. We have video evidence, so hopefully I can figure out how to post video and all of you can enjoy watching a few of my good falls. We are hoping we can go back up before it gets too cold to go out on the boat, and get some more practice.

I am still here at my house doing lots of studying. Yesterday I got so antsy I decided to walk to the gym, when normally I probably would have driven. But I really needed to stretch my legs. Plus I was so sore from getting pulled around behind the boat that my muscles needed the loosening.

I'll be glad when all this studying is done. The walls in our office are really starting to close in on me.


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