So right now I'm in between rotations. I am certainly enjoying not having to get up early and being able to get stuff done around the house. But I've decided it is not good for me to sit in our house all day working on the computer. I don't think I'd be a good employee at a place where I have to sit and stair at the walls all day. I've been going a little crazy. Plus, thanks to Jeff, I've had a sore throat and runny nose, and that isn't helping anything. Maybe, like him, I have too many biotics.

Today I got out. It was quite nice. I went to the fabric store and got some supplies for a new craft. I'm quite excited. I'll post more later. I also went to the library, which is always a treat.

I sound like some kind of old maid....first the fabric store and then the library??!? Oh well. I guess I've always known I was a bit nerdy. One of my favorite games is Scrabble. I also got a dictionary one year for Christmas that I'm pretty sure was my favorite present. And now one of my favorite dates with Jeff is to go to the bookstore.

I wonder.... what will I do when I am old?


angie said…
Read the phonebook.

At least, that's what I do for fun.

(Sorry. I just dropped by from Peter's site. I'm his sister-in-law, so you know I'm not normal.)

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