New rotation

Well, after two days on my new rotation, I'm finally feeling like a fourth year. So far both days I have finished up at noon. And today I'm not starting until 9. It is 8:30, and I'm still wearing my pajamas. (Although I guess if I want to be on time, I probably should head toward getting dressed.) It has definitely been good practice in learning how to work in the spirituality questions during my interactions with patients. Hopefully by the end of this, it will feel more natural and just a normal part of my questions that I typically ask patients, especially if they seem to be particularly stressed or sad.

I probably should go and get dressed now, since it's almost 8:40. Even as a fourth year, being on time is still a priority.


Anonymous said…
Jeff and Aubrey -

Mom has been in Ohio all week. Can I come over for dinner?

Jeff said…

Please do! We're having greek tonight.


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