one of those days....

I just ate the same thing for 4 meals in a row. (4 in a row?!?) Yes, that's right. I made quiche for dinner last night, and it looked good at breakfast, so I had it then. (I mean, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, onions and peppers? Of course it looked good.) Then I met Jeff for lunch where we both had quiche. Then since I didn't feel like cooking anything, and since we had so many leftovers (I actually made 2 quiches last night because I had enough stuff.) we had it for dinner.

Tonight I was also in a funk. (Not on account of the quiche, at least, I don't think so.) I sometimes don't know exactly why this happens. (besides the fact that I'm a fallen sinner and am prideful and not thankful and unloving and.....I could go on for a while) My dear, dear husband handles my funks really well. But I did get mad at him for basically no reason. So then I had to pray, because sometimes I like to stay mad. Thankfully I serve a God who can help me get un-mad. And then I had to apologize to my husband.

Tomorrow will be a quiche-free and funk-free holiday. I pray.

Although we do still have tons of quiche.


Jeff said…
And Aubrey is out of town tonight, so if anybody wants to come eat quiche with me, let me know!

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