Yesterday, Melanie called me at 9am or so to invite me to the zoo. Thankfully, I wasn't working and didn't have anything on the agenda and could just get ready and go. We had a great time.

A picnic lunch in the zoo, some time on the playground,  and then I brought my exhausted boy home.
 (Judah is obviously engrossed in eating his granola bar.)
Someone is really getting to enjoy the slide. All by himself.

I love being such a short drive from family, especially being so close to Judah's cousins. As our job search continues, I am praying that we can somehow stay near family. But even if we don't, I'm thankful that Andrew and Melanie are finally here and we can enjoy the time we have with them.


Melanie said…
And we love having you three so close! Thanks for joining us on our last-minute zoo trek!

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