Some days in medicine are more satisfying than others.

Yesterday, I worked in the little ER where I sometimes moonlight. Although I still got my fair share of the "I don't have a big health problem, but didn't feel like going to my actual doctor" type stuff, I also had several very satisfying experiences.

1. A dude came in who had gotten into some sort of altercation with his "baby momma momma." (That's a relationship equivalent to a mother in law, if you didn't know.) Apparently a broom was involved. And he couldn't move his finger well. It did look swollen, but not that weird otherwise. I did X-ray it, and lo and behold, it was dislocated! After a quick bit of reading, I successfully performed my first finger reduction. It popped right back into place, and It was fixed! Highly satisfying.

2. A tiny, emaciated man came in who had a history of pancreatic cancer. He hadn't had a BM in several days and was really uncomfortable. A few enemas later, he was as good as new. Although I can't really cure his underlying condition, he was smiling on his way out the door. Also satisfying.

I think that is part of why I enjoy when I work in the ER. I'm glad it's not all I do, but the chance to actually fix someone (as opposed to sort of patching them up until they come in again which is what it feels like I do in my "real" job) is very rewarding.


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