A quick sewing project

Speaking of satisfying things, today I completed a super fast sewing project that satisfied a need I've been having for a while.

I'm trying to prepare for running in the first 10K I've done since before Judah was born. As such, I'm doing more running than I have previously over the last 2 years or so. Since Judah doesn't enjoy being in the stroller for very long, most of my runs these days leave from our YMCA. I can leave Judah in the childcare there while I go. I always need to carry both my car keys and my phone because the workers in child watch would prefer to have a way to get in touch with me. I'm also still always running with our dog. Trying to carry the leash, phone, and keys when most of my running clothes lack pockets is nearly impossible. I debated some sort of saddle bag set up for the dog, but I really don't need that much space. What I really needed was a pouch that I could attach to Lucy's harness big enough to hold a phone and some keys.

Tonight in less than a half hour I made one with a vintage zipper and some scrap fabric. (= completely free project!)

It's not perfect, but it hopefully will work. Maybe I can give it a test run tomorrow. I think Lucy likes it.


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