I was recently asked if I had any personal goals. I have to admit that the question actually caught me totally off guard. I sputtered something about being a good mom but didn't have much else to say besides that. Jeff, being in the midst of numerous job interviews, immediately had an answer that was both clever and admirable.

I think that ever since finishing having Judah and finishing residency, I haven't really had any personal goals. For the longest time - all through high school and college - I looked forward to the day I would be a doctor. My ultimate life goal. Then I started looking forward to being a mommy. My other ultimate life goal. Then I was a mommy. And a doctor. And since then I haven't really thought about getting some new goals. I think that maybe this sort of transitional period we're currently experiencing has also sort of discouraged me from making new goals. It's hard for me to try to set goals for the future when I don't know how long we'll be living here, where we might be moving, or when any of this change could take place.

All that said, I have continued to think about what goals I'd like to have moving forward. Here are a few:
1. Lead a missions trip
2. Run another half marathon.
3. Run a (gulp) whole marathon.
4. Take Judah to California.
5. Visit Washington state or Oregon and Maine.
6. Sew a quilt in less than a year.
7. Be more hospitable.
8. Memorize more Bible verses.

I guess that is enough goals for now.

What about you? Anyone out there with any personal goals?


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