Quilt, finally.

After getting inspired to finish the quilt top the other week, I could finally see the light at the end of the quilt-shaped tunnel, which gave me the will power to actually push through and get it finished.

A good friend and her large dining room table were very helpful in getting the thing pinned, and although I initially had visions of individually quilting around every triangle, I quickly realized that that just isn't prudent when you are working with a normal sewing machine.

I used this tutorial for the binding and love how it looks. Every other quilt I've done I have really struggled with the binding, but this one actually came out nicely. So...without further ado... here is the quilt!

(Even though I originally was planning something smaller, it ended up as a twin-sized one. That's Jeff holding it up!)
I loved the backing fabric - from the metro living line by Robert Kaufman.

So now it's done. Whew. Just in time for the b-day. Maybe I should start planning my next quilt.....


Sue Tell said…
Beauuuuuutiful!!!! Can't wait to see it in person. :)
MJUnderwood said…

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