Judah talks

Since it's been a long week and a really long day at work, I thought I'd post some of my favorite things that Judah says.

Mel-mo = Elmo
Do-durt = yogurt
we-wo = Hello (said in an exceedingly cute way while picking up the phone and pretending to call someone)
oose = juice
amma = Gramma (yes, I actually got him to say this the other day!)
ah-er = cracker
duh-dee = cookie

Get down = get down (this gets said ALL THE TIME and means either: get down, or I want to be doing something different than what I'm doing right now. Often said while laying on the floor having his diaper changed.)
din = again

It is amazing how quickly they learn new words once they decide to start talking. I am really enjoying having a kid who actually communicates with me.


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