A few things.

1. I read this exhortation to married couples sometime last week. I am still thinking about what it said, and it has continued to help me think differently about my interactions with Jeff. Good stuff there.

2. I bought some new springy fingernail polish this weekend. My nails are currently this color and I'm loving it.

3. Can someone explain to me the hair color option that involves a bleach blond layer on top and a dark brown or red color underneath? I see this style rather frequently here in Greenwood. (Is it sort of a country thing?) I cannot, for the life of me, understand the appeal of this style. Why would anyone do this willingly? (And apologies in advance if any readers have this style. Maybe you can explain it to me.)

4. I need some more book recommendations. I am currently reading a biography to Ty Cobb, which, if I'm being honest, is a bit boring. Thanks to Jeff, I love baseball much more than I used to, but a dry biography of an early baseball hero is not exactly my literary cup of tea.


Debra Taylor said…
I just finished reading Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. If you have any affinity for British literature/history give it a try. It was written in 1859 as a serial story, the first of its kind utilizing detective techniques to solve a mystery. I loved it and its free on Kindle.

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